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Here’s the new askblog. Enjoy ♥

Here’s the new askblog. Enjoy ♥

Wow guys, long time no see.

I might not EVER update this blog again, it brings too many bad memories but I will not delete this blog, since it’s sill mine.

BUT I will have second thoughts on making another askblog of my pony. I might, or I might not. If I do, I’ll send a direct link to a new blog.

For now, we’ll see what happens.



Me and Moxypony hanged out and had ramen for dinner. Meeting Moxy was the most awkward thing ever, I am extremely shy >///<. Since I was so nervous, I completely forgot how to use chopsticks, that was the most embarrassing moment ever for me x’D

So I drew this V u V
Moxypony is a great guy and really fun to hang out with xD I hope whenever we hang out again, I hope it isn’t too awkward.
Moxy (c) :iconmoxypony:

A lot of people are not liking me at somethings I don’t like. People are complaining over stupid shit

I’m just going to say, this is my face, this is me laughing at you

You bronies are the most shittiest fanbase ever. I can’t draw my horses, or not liking a thing, while you bitching at me about it. 

Disgusting creatures you all are.

(For people not to bitch at me some more, granted this is not ALL of the bronies, alright. Stop getting offended.)


Tbone ain’t the only pony that RANTS their lungs out.


Here you go :3 

base by wieniesrule


Oh my god is adorable! And somehow I forgot the cutiemark, oops. Thank you love, this is really adorable :3

This might be my ID or badge to hang it around when I go to bronycon 2014.

Can’t wait : PP